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All Honors Review programs are aligned with the Common Core State Standard. The Common Core State Standard(CCSS) is the current educational standard for English and Mathematics from grades K to 12th in the United States. No matter what state you live in, if your child is enrolled in the public school system, he/she will have to pass a state-mandated test. New Jersey’s state-mandated test is called the PARCC Test. These test results largely determine your child’s education track including eligibility for advanced classes. Get your child on the right track! Enroll now in one of our enrichment programs.
The skills that students learn from these programs will better prepare them for college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT.

News Article Reading and Vocabulary (Grade 3-8)
As educators, it’s clear that critical reading skills take time and effort to perfect. We believe that teaching students from a young age to think and read critically will help them immensely in the present and future. Our News Article Reading and Vocabulary class is an English enrichment program comprised of news articles, classic literature, narratives, and informational texts as a means to teaching those critical reading skills all the while exposing students to current events and sophisticated vocabulary words. This class is usually offered during the Fall session.

Master Reading and Writing with PARCC (Grade 3-8)
The Master Reading and Writing with PARCC program is comprised of a variety of PARCC simulated practice tests accompanied by multiple choice questions, open-ended questions. The goal of this program is to increase students’ confidence in evidence reading and writing such that they may be well-prepared for PARCC and/or other standardized tests in their school. This class is usually offered during the Spring session.

Reading & Writing (Summer Program, Grade 1-8)
Honors Review’s Reading and Writing Summer program consists of fictional reading, creative writing, grammar workshops, and vocabulary worksheets. This program is an all-around Language Arts course that uses a collection of short stories to pose critical thinking questions and insightful writing prompts. Students are also encouraged and challenged to be involved in critical, educational discussions about the texts. Through this program, students will practice and learn how to analyze passages thoroughly and how to articulate their arguments based off of textual evidence. Lastly, the program provides a vocabulary workbook for every-day practice and memorization. Such daily reading and writing exercises are the stepping stones of confidence and achievement for your child’s educational goals!

Success English (Grade 8-10)
This course will strengthen students’ critical reading skill, grammar, logical reasoning skill, writing ability, and vocabulary knowledge. To excel on the SATs, students must become accustomed to reading sophisticated literature (both fiction and non-fiction), drawing logical conclusions from it, making connections between the ideas in it, and understanding its content on various levels. Not only will this improve scores on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT, it will also improve essay writing abilities. This class is as comprehensive as it gets. Through Success English, students will be exposed and challenged to various components of Language Arts. This class requires hard work and dedication, yet we can ensure that it will be thought-provoking and rewarding. If you would like to excel in your high school English class and/or begin preparing for the SAT, enroll in our Success English class today!

More About Success English

Success English primarily focuses on non-fiction texts for reading comprehension. Most students struggle with non-fiction texts on standardized tests. The workbook Honors Review provides uses both long and short non-fiction passages, just like the SAT. The secondary focus of this course is grammar. The new SAT tests students’ knowledge of basic grammar rules. Interestingly, this is the primary concern of high school English teachers. To prepare students with grammar knowledge, they will work on sentence correction exercises similar to those that will appear on the new SAT. The third focus of this class is on essay writing. There will be a timed essay once a week with prompts similar to the ones on the new SAT. Moreover, Success English focuses on fictional reading comprehension. Students will analyze passages from a classic work of fiction and answer reading comprehension and open-ended questions about the text. Lastly, students will learn ten to twenty SAT vocabulary words in one class. All in all, this class will prepare students for the new SAT as well as enable them to succeed in high school English classes.

Reading Club (Grade 1-6)
Each student has a unique and valuable perspective. This is especially true when it comes to literary critiques. Honors Review assigns books that respected educators and top schools highly recommend, and have students answer critical thinking questions about the book’s mood, themes, characters, structure, and verbal style. Then we have students discuss their answers in a group setting. This encourages students to interact with the text and gain confidence as they defend their analysis of it. We want to teach students how to form an argument or a thesis and to defend it. This is a great program in preparation for 7th grade and up. If you want your child to develop a love for reading and the skills needed to critically read, enroll him or her in our Reading Club program today!

More About The Reading Club

The foundation of this class is the novel. Third through sixth graders will read chapter books suitable to their reading level. Reading is done at home, but discussing the text is done in class using our own customized workbooks which include critical thinking questions, analytical activities, and vocabulary words. Students will be quizzed on vocabulary words throughout the course. In class, students answer discussion questions, participate in activities, and go over their vocabulary words. Students are assigned to write book reports for each book covered in class. Further reading, additional activities, and vocabulary will be assigned as homework, which is reviewed at the beginning of every class. Each novel takes roughly five to six weeks to complete.

Access Reading (Grade K-12)
Access Reading is purposed to motivate students to read by assigning enjoyable, relevant, and stimulating literature. Teachers will challenge students by asking thought-provoking questions about the plot, the characters, the author’s tone, and the style of the text while providing one-on-one sessions with each student during class and using computer-based quizzes. Access Reading is a great way to shape your child’s reading habits and increase the amount of time he or she spends reading. This program will help students manage their reading schedules and to clearly understand what they are reading.

Mathematics is not only important in and of itself but is also the foundation for many other subjects that your children will encounter throughout their years in school. Therefore, it is essential that they maintain a strong grasp of mathematical concepts at an early age. Most students have the potential to advance beyond their grade level, which will inevitably benefit them in their later years. So whether your child needs help keeping up with his or her coursework or has the ability to jump ahead, we have a program that is just right for your child.

What makes our programs effective is that we emphasize practicing strong arithmetic skills, as well as build students’ critical thinking skills through the use of challenging word problems. We also provide special test preparation courses that focus on improving SAT scores, state exam scores, and entrance exams for specialized science high schools. These courses focus more on practice and familiarizing the student with the different types of problems that show up on these respective exams.

Honors Math Program (5th-12th Graders)
Honors Math program is one of our best-selling programs. The first reason is that it pinpoints what the students’ weaknesses using our specially designed diagnostics test. The class aims to develop current competencies into algebraic mastery.
This is an integrated Algebra program that includes Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. Honors Math program doesn’t go by grades, but by the students’ levels. The class pace can be according to students’ task skills. There are only three students in class, so teachers can give a fair amount of attention to each student.
Like in a health clinic where you find a disease and get cured, we do the same with students’ math skills: finding out their challenge and helping them master it.
Once students complete this program, they will be prepared to study for the SATs.

Critical Thinking Math (3rd – 5th Graders)
This program is designed to advance and sharpen students’ skills in mathematics accordingly to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). This course is offered during summer vacation and again during the school year: The summer session class would be the intensive preview course for those who want to prepare for the coming elementary school year; however during Fall and Spring, the class will actually move at a similar pace as the students’ math classes in school to better prepare them for the upcoming tests. Topics are covered more in depth and students are provided with extra practice problems. Students also have the opportunity to apply what they are learning to more practical purposes by solving more challenging analytical problems. This helps them master the material thoroughly, which is essential to excel throughout the higher grade levels.

Math Workshop (6th – 12th Graders)
There has been lots of change in the school math curriculum in the last decade. The current school curriculum, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), requires students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of math concepts, which means teachers should have changed how they teach those concepts too. Our math workshop classes are small and interactive so that each student may participate easily in class discussions with the expert teacher. These courses offered for the summer would be the preview course for the coming school year. Those courses offered during the school year are more focused to enrich students’ comprehension by practicing extra problems in the small interactive class. Therefore, topics in the class will be similar to the school math classes and move at the similar pace as well to better prepare students for the upcoming tests.

Topics are covered more in depth, and students are provided with extra practice problems. Students will also have the opportunity to apply what they are learning to more practical purposes, as well as acquaint themselves with the types of problems that may show up on standardized tests. This helps them master the material thoroughly, which is essential to continuing to excel in high school math classes. At its conclusion, the student will be well-prepared for college entrance exams.

  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • AP Calculus

Power Writing (3rd- 12th Graders)
Does your child need help writing essays? Being able to write well-organized, persuasive, and detailed essays is one of the most important skills your child needs to succeed in school, and to succeed in life. Our Power Writing program offers your child the opportunity to work with an expert who will evaluate your child’s writing, and discuss the grammatical, structural, and creative strengths and weaknesses of his or her writing. This class is an intensive, one-on-one workshop on essay writing that will be tailored and adjusted to your child’s specific needs. Your child will get to train with one of our experienced writing instructors for a very low price, and will have the experience of writing an essay on a different topic every week. This is a great way for them to practice for the essay section now required on all statewide tests. Watch your child’s skills, confidence, and grades improve!

Writing Club (3rd -8th Graders)
Being able to write well-organized, detailed essays is one of the most important skills your child needs to succeed in school and standardized Tests. For this reason Honors Review is introducing a newly developed program called “Writing Club.” This class will teach everything your child needs to know about writing essays. This class is guided by our specially-made Honors Review writing workbook. Each class will be exposed to the three following genres: creative writing, expository writing, and persuasive writing. There is one workbook per genre and five lessons in each workbook. The book is filled with writing activities and factual information regarding the mechanics of essay writing, such as grammar, logic, and paragraph organization, among many others. Each class session will focus on one general essay-writing topic. Each lesson covers an important aspect of essay-writing, starting with the basics and then gradually increasing in complexity. By the end of the course, your child will have gone through the entire essay writing process step-by-step, writing various practice essays (and rewriting parts of essays, like opening paragraphs and conclusions, etc.) along the way.

Writing Clinic (7th-8th Graders)
Writing Clinic classes are designed to prepare students for SAT, starting at the Junior High School level. Our Writing Clinic classes focus on the writing portion of the SAT. The class targets 7th and 8th graders because we feel it is essential for students to develop good writing skills while in Junior High School.

Writing Clinic aims to improve the basics, such as grammar and punctuation, as well as more advanced aspects of writing, such as writing summaries, sentence structure, and paragraph organization. Each week students will analyze an essay that our staff has prepared. We intentionally create mistakes that will test the students’ ability to identify and correct the main grammatical rules the SAT will test: subject-verb agreement; pronoun reference; tense shifts; parallelism; dangling modifiers; idiomatic expressions; fragments, and others. The students must identify the grammatical flaws and rewrite the faulty sentences correctly. Then the student must look at the essay for flaws in logic, structure, and supporting evidence. Lastly, the student must rewrite the entire essay using his or her own approach.

Grammar Workshop (5th-10th)
In order to build a skyscraper you must first build a rock-solid foundation. Likewise, in order to write or speak well, you must have a firm grasp of grammar. Do you think your child has a solid foundation in grammar? This intensive program focuses on the fundamentals of grammar. We pay particular attention to the grammatical mistakes students make in their own writing. This comprehensive course will ensure your child’s success in English class and the world of professional writing (whether it is in the business world, the medical world, law, journalism, etc.). Your child will be way ahead of the other students in his or her grade in terms of grammatical knowledge and writing ability, as well he or she should be!

Our Grammar Workshop does not stop at just teaching grammar rules: it teaches sentence structure, usage, mechanics, vocabulary, spelling rules, and-the culmination of all this-essay composition. Each day the students will explore a new grammar lesson in the book, which will be accompanied by exercises to practice their newly-learned skills. Most classes will cover two to three grammar topics, beginning with the noun, and getting increasingly more complex as the workshop progresses. This class is comprehensive; the grammar topics covered vary widely, and yet each new lesson builds on the knowledge acquired in the previous lesson. At the end of every chapter, there is a cumulative chapter review, which serves as a test to measure a student’s progress in the class.

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