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Individual Programs

College Councelling
The college admissions process can be a stressful and overwhelming time for both students and parents. However, it does not have to be! Honors Review is here to help aid students and parents with the college admissions process through our individualized college counseling sessions. We will answer any difficult questions about college admissions, help students with their application essays, and strategically guide students throughout the process. In addition, Honors Review will help make your applications stand out against the thousands of competitive applicants. If you are looking for a professional and experienced guiding hand to ease the high stress college admissions process, you will find the Honors Review College Counseling sessions to be highly effective.

Honors Review has been serving students and parents in NJ since 1993. We understand that students need help during the school year. We are proud of having many students who have testified to the effectiveness of our learning center. Students have to maintain good grades on their school transcripts as well as score well on their SATs or APs to attract their top college choices. Students have the pressure to be perfect. While perfection is nearly impossible, the Honors Review tutoring program will help students get closer to it by helping students keep pace, as well as advance, in all of their school subjects. Students in this program may bring their school textbook, or our teachers may use our curriculum for the class. The class may also be scheduled at the students’ convenience.

  • Math, Reading and Writing
  • AP Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus AB, Calculus BC
  • SAT, SAT subjects (Math I, Math II, Bio E/M, Chemistry, Physics)
  • TOEFL, ESL, Spanish, French, Korean, Chinese

Honors Math Program (5th-12th Graders)
Honors Math program is one of our best-selling programs. The first reason is that it pinpoints what the students’ weaknesses using our specially designed diagnostics test. The class aims to develop current competencies into algebraic mastery.

This is an integrated Algebra program that includes Pre-algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. Honors Math program doesn’t go by grades, but by the students’ levels. The class pace can be according to students’ task skills. There are only three students in class, so teachers can give a fair amount of attention to each student.

Like in a health clinic where you find a disease and get cured, we do the same with students’ math skills: finding out their challenge and helping them master it.

Once students complete this program, they will be prepared to study for the SATs.

Power Writing (3rd- 12th Graders)
Does your child need help writing essays? Being able to write well-organized, persuasive, and detailed essays is one of the most important skills your child needs to succeed in school, and to succeed in life. Our Power Writing program offers your child the opportunity to work with an expert who will evaluate your child’s writing, and discuss the grammatical, structural, and creative strengths and weaknesses of his or her writing. This class is an intensive, one-on-one workshop on essay writing that will be tailored and adjusted to your child’s specific needs. Your child will get to train with one of our experienced writing instructors for a very low price, and will have the experience of writing an essay on a different topic every week. This is a great way for them to practice for the essay section now required on all statewide tests. Watch your child’s skills, confidence, and grades improve!

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