Special High School Preparation

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Special High School Preparation

There are highly rated private schools, Catholic schools, science schools, and more that require students to take an entrance exam. Our Specialized High School Entrance Prep course is specifically tailored to fit the skills needed for each respective exam. Students will learn various test-taking techniques, practice test material with a teacher, and take model tests regularly to equip themselves for the day of the exam. The Special High School Entrance Prep requires commitment, dedication, active participation and focus due to the course’s intensity.

NJ Bergen Academies Prep.
Over 200 students from Honors Review have been accepted to BCA, BCTS and Academies at Englewood through our NJ Bergen Academies Preparation courses. Students who are preparing for the entrance exam of the Bergen Academies or Bergen Tech must be familiar with essay writing, critical reading, pre-algebra, algebra, and advanced analytic skills for mathematics.

The Bergen Academy Prep. English class is designed to guide and improve students’ literary skills in accordance to the English section of the exam. Our practice tests and testing conditions are modeled after the Bergen Academy Prep exam. Students will be challenged in their reading comprehension skills as well as their writing skills. They will be taught to analyze passages, answer critical thinking questions, and write detailed and compelling essays using textual evidence while maintaining structure and proper grammar under time constraints. Not only are our teachers and staff committed to helping students feel confident on the day of the exam, but we are also committed to challenging them to achieve their goals.

SSAT/ISEE Test Prep.
Are you or your child considering private school? If so, we encourage you to begin preparing for the admission test that highly ranked private schools require. Most private schools require the SSAT or the ISEE. Catholic schools prefer the COOP. Whether you or your child needs to take the SSAT, the ISEE, or the COOP, Honors Review offers experienced instructors who can help.

CTY Prep.
Johns Hopkins runs the Center for Talented Youth (CTY), and to join this program, it requires students from 2nd to 6th grade to take something called the SCAT Test. Additionally, the program requires 7th graders and up to take SAT ,PSAT or ACT test. Whatever test is that your child wants to prepare for, Honors Review has experienced instructors who can help.

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